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Yandex mail is the largest technology company in Russia. It provides for a Russian based email service. Although most of the company’s assets are situated in Russia, it is in fact incorporated in the Netherlands.

Aside from providing web-based mailing services, Yandex is also the largest Russian search engine in the world and the 5th largest search engine worldwide after Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.

Yandex Support

Although Yandex is predominantly a Russian based search engine and an email service provider, it has a robust customer support system which provides support for users all over the globe.

Can’t log in to your account

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, then you can request for restoring access to your account with the help of a customer support form available on the Yandex website.

Aside from asking help from support, you should also make sure that your login details are accurate. Your email address and your password are both cases- sensitive. Therefore, have patience and type in the details carefully.

If you think that your login details have been compromised, then the first thing you should do after gaining access to your account is to change your password. Yandex accounts also support two-factor authentication with your mobile. Hence, link your phone number to your account to provide for better protection. Also, remove all linked email addressed that you are not familiar with from My email addresses page.

It could also be that there is a virus on your computer that is trying to corrupt your system or steam information. Run an anti-virus and anti-malware software to scan the whole system to detect any kind of viruses and to remove them.

Yandex also provides features for linking your Yandex account with your accounts on other social media platforms. Make sure that those accounts have not been compromised either as it is possible to steal information or get access to your account through those platforms.

Despite being one of the biggest players in the internet market, Users might still experience some problems while using Yandex services. With a user base that encompasses millions of users and their issues, there are certain common problems that frequently pop up amongst the people.

Forgot password

It is possible to forget your password if you are using your Yandex account after a long time. In that case, you can reset your password through the Restore Access section of the Yandex page.

When requested for a reset, it would ask you to enter your email address or your phone number. If you provide your email address, then it will send an email with a link to your address through which you can change your password. However, if your phone number is linked to your account, then you can also opt for receiving a confirmation code on your phone, which you can enter and then reset your account. Please keep in mind to not make any errors while typing all the necessary details, or else you will be unable to access your account.

There is also a third option where you can access your account by answering the security question that you put up while creating your account. In case you are unable to access your email or have your phone with you, then this is a viable option to regain your account. Hence, remember to put a security question, the answer of which you will never forget. Also, make sure that others do not know that answer, or they will use it to access your account.

Email issues with Yandex

If you find that your emails are still on your account despite trying to delete them multiple times, then it could mean that your client follows the POP3 protocol. There might be certain problems where the email client might have gone out of sync with the Yandex mail server, due to which it is not recognizing the delete order. In such a situation, try using IMAP protocols for Yandex mail. More information on how to switch from POP3 protocol to IMAP can be found here.

Desyncing from the server might also result in you being unable to receive new emails. Therefore, if you find that emails are not being stored in your Yandex account, then check out the link give above and try to change your protocols.

Problems with filter

If you have filters and find them to be not working, then chances are that there might be a delay from the server side. Wait for a while to see if your filters start working again. It could also be that you might have entered the parameters of the filters incorrectly. Check here for information on how to set up the parameters.

Not all filters are same either. There are different filters with different priorities and conditions. If the different filters have the same conditions or the higher priority filters have the option to ignore other filters, then that might also cause problems. This will help explain more about priority filters.

If even after all this the filters don’t work the contact Yandex Customer Support immediately.

Incorrect Website Certificates

If you are getting warnings that SSL certificates when opening Yandex, then it could be due to some errors in the computer system. If the computer’s clock is not in sync with the internet, or is behind, then it could create problems with the internet connection and might show the errors with SSL certificates. It could also be that your anti-virus is affecting the HTTPS settings of your web browsers. You can try switching off your antivirus temporarily to see if that indeed is the issue. If that was the crux of the problem, then here is a guide on what to do in that situation.

Yandex Tech Support is always available for help. So, if none of the above suggestions work, then go ahead and contact the support team. We are always ready to help our users and find solutions to their problems.