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Roadrunner Customer Service

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Roadrunner system or Residential Mail system is most popular with customers of Time Warner Cable system. Any email address that ends in the following is hosted by Residential Mail.

  • twc.com
  • roadrunner.com
  • xxx.rr.com (e. g. nyc.rr.com etc.)

Residential mail system is designed specifically to cater to the needs of individuals. It is designed to send person to person email messages like the ones in family or friends. It is not meant for widespread business use. To restrict business usage, there are limitations applied to all mails. It can be accessed through POP (where your emails are in their servers but are downloaded to your computer) or webmail (where everything is on their servers only).

The limitations placed on old accounts are of 100 recipients in a day which include ‘TO’, ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’. The outgoing message should not exceed 30MB. Files exceeding this limit are automatically rejected. In any 24hours you can send not more than 1000 emails. When you exceed this limit you are blocked for 24 hours. After this duration you can resend mails.

New accounts have even stricter set of rules applied to them.

Roadrunner is not a free program. Its rates and charges depend on your area and kind of usage that you want. You can contact the Customer care toll-free number for more details about the same.

While there are many such email software packages available to people in general, Roadrunner has been around for a very long time. Thus Roadrunner Customer Support is also extremely experienced in handling all kinds of problems. A few of the commonly listed issues that customers do face in general are listed below.

Setting up your email address

To log in to your email account you need to visit the website mail.twc.com where you need to put in your user id and password. Once you have input your data, you need to click on language preference and then log in tab. If you have forgotten your login details, you need to click on retrieve user id.

Retrieving username

If you have forgotten your username you need to visit the Retrieve username page. Enter your 10 digit mobile number which you had input while creating your account. You will also need to input your security question’s answer. Answers are Case sensitive. If lower case/upper case letters don’t match you will be redirected. Once through with formalities, you will see your username on the screen.

Retrieving password

If you remember your username but have forgotten your password, you need to click on retrieve password. You will b asked to answer your security question for verification purposes. The answers are case sensitive, so lower case/upper case letters should match your original answer. You will be allotted a random 8 digit password after answering your security question. You can change the password in order to remember it easily.

If you are having trouble logging in or are afraid that your ID and password has been compromised, contact Roadrunner Customer support number. They will help you to do the needful.

Setting up your email address

If you need to add sub accounts you first need to log in to the master account. Only fro there can you create a new account. You will be asked to input user id and password for sub accounts which are case sensitive. You can also manage your account size from here. You can set Allocated Quota to each mailbox. If you are unsure about what size each mailbox should be you can contact the Roadrunner Technical Support team. They will be able to guide you accordingly.

Setting up mobile apps

Roadrunner can be accessed through your mobile as well. Like we mentioned before it can be accessed through webmail or POP.

If you are an Android user, you need to go on the email settings and manually add your email address and password to be able to set up your Roadrunner account.

You can also set up your account on your iPhone/iPad. You need to go to the settings and click on Mail. It will need your login details using which it will access the mailbox. Please put your account details and set up your email. From here you can access your emails which will be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad. It will still stay in the server of Roadrunner so you can also access them through a webmail.

If you wish to have someone guide you with manual configuration setting you can call on Roadrunner Tech support helpline number. An executive will guide you accordingly.

If you have issues setting up your email account on your laptop or computer you can configure it through outlook or Windows Mail or Macintosh OSX mail. It’s easy to configure. Go to the settings and add your email address. When prompted, put in your complete email address and password. Then click on POP or IMAP as required. Your email is now set up. Make sure that you enter all details correctly, especially your account details because any discrepancy in this can lead to not setting up the mail properly.

While most of the above information is about how to setup email on various devices, there are prerequisites to setting up of email account on your laptop or mobile. If you face any issue while setting up contact Roadrunner customer care in order to verify that you have fulfilled the prerequisites

Using both IMAP and POP simultaneously or POP across multiple devices can cause connection/mail synchronization error messages when trying to send, receive or access new email. This can be easily resolved; you can try switching to IMAP throughout. This will ensure that your mail synchronizes properly.

Roadrunner currently has more than eleven million active users. As mentioned above there are more restrictions placed for new accounts as compared to older accounts. While the limit is necessary to ensure unexploited use of the email service, the limits are specific to Roadrunner only. If you send a mail and it exceeds the file size limit of receiver but not Roadrunner it may be bounced by the receiver. Details about the new restrictions can also be found out by the customer helpline number.