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When we talk about email services for business or self, one of the popular names that crop up is ProtonMail. ProtonMail is a trusted service when it comes to using encrypted emails. There are various options for business or self to choose from. You can choose according to your requirements. They specialize in encrypting your emails end to end making it secure for you. Not even the company can read what you have sent or received. It is an excellent service if you are worried that someone might be snooping around in your emails or if you work at a place where data is confidential. With the encryption of ProtonMail, even if someone intercepts your mails, they won’t be able to read it. ProtonMail, being Swiss made and the brainchild of scientists of CERN and MIT is an invite only beta today, along with new applications for Android and iOS.

While encrypting emails seems like a technical thing it actually is quite simple. While about to send your email, all you need to do is click the encryption icon. It will require a password. Now when you send the mail, it will also send a link to the receiver. This link will prompt for the password you had set. If the receiver doesn’t enter the password, s/he won’t be able to access the email. It’s quite simple but brilliant. Without password, anyone else can’t open your mail.

Another feature of ProtonMail is using of Self Destructing emails. This requires you to use your complete ProtonMail ID. These self destruct emails auto destroy themselves after the receiver has received it or the time duration has expired. Once destroyed, there is no way of recovering this data.

There are other softwares which provide encryption of emails service but ProtonMail is the only one to give you this for free. It has a daily limit of 150 emails and 500MB storage space. It can be upgraded to PRO version at a very reasonable price. You can also opt for custom domain if you so wish.

We have understood that using ProtonMail is no Rocket science. It is extremely simple to use and has everything that you expect from your email provider. However, should there be any glitches in the system; you can always contact the ProtonMail Customer Support Team which is always eager to help you. A few common issues that you can face are listed below along with their solutions for you.

  1. The very first thing that you need to ask is how you would sign up for ProtonMail. To sign up for ProtonMail, go to the official website of ProtonMail and click on sign up. You will need to input email address and password. You will also require a password for ProtonMail. Once you have input this information, you can access your inbox and enjoy free encrypted emails. If you forget your email address or password, please contact the ProtonMail Technical Customer Support.

  2. If you have lost data from your ProtonMail account, you can always recover it. All you need for recovering data is recalling your encryption details that you had initially used to encrypt data.

  3. Another feature which is a part of ProtonMail encryption settings is encrypting your Contact list. If you feel your contact list has sensitive information, you can encrypt that as well. But there is a rider here. Your encrypted contact list is accessible to ProtonMail. They can read your information on even an encrypted contact. It is unreadable only for external parties.

  4. Another issue that you might face is related to organising your inbox. Emails received every single day can go up to a staggering number if not organised properly. At ProtonMail you have the option of organising your emails by folders, spam, filters, blacklists/white list etc. When applied these organising tricks, they automatically sort your mail accordingly, making it less cumbersome. It also ensures that you store all the important mails at one place and not lose sleep over lost data. The filter feature is especially useful for segregation of junk from regular mail. It ensures de-cluttering your inbox where you get to see only the really important mail and not all the junk that you receive in the day. If your filters or any of these organising features are not working properly or you are still getting mails in your Inbox despite applying a filter, please contact our <>bProtonMail Customer Care Number. They will be able to help you as soon as possible.

  5. File sizes are larger while using ProtonMail. When you attach a file to your email, you might notice that there is a difference in file or size. On a regular email if a file is say 1mb, it might be 2MB or more in ProtonMail. The reason is very simple. It is encrypted. Encryption increases your file size as there are other inputs to the file when we encrypt it in the first place. Due to this, the file size increases, but your text remains the same.

  6. Syncing your contact list is another thing that you would need to sort out. You can always import your contact list from other email servers which you were using before shifting to ProtonMail. A lot of people use both kinds of email system. If that is the case with you as well, you can set a filter in your ProtonMail address. You will be notified on your other email address when you receive an encrypted Email on your ProtonMail ID. This way you do not need to keep checking time and again.

With the increasing number of encrypted email service providers, it is easy to get confused about which one to choose. ProtonMail’s servers are located in Switzerland. This country is famous for its extremely strict personal laws. Because of the location of the servers, all your data is protected by the Swiss Laws, guaranteeing you complete security in terms of data piracy and the like. ProtonMail’s support centre is very friendly and always eager to help. You can contact their technical support or customer care for all your queries.