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Mail.com is a German based free email service provider that is owned by United Internet. It is also an information portal which offers articles, videos and news along with providing free online mailing services.

What makes Mail.com different is that it offers unlimited storage. The web-based free emailing service is supported by advertisements and offers multiple services such as collecting emails from other accounts, online storage of files and availability of over 200 domains. It even has Facebook integration facilities and protects your email from viruses, malware, adware, spam etc.

Here are some of the features that are provided by Mail.com:

  1. Organizer : Mail.com allows users to schedule and put reminders on their tasks and events. It even allows its users to invite guests and export data in multiple formats. It can work as efficiently as any other top-notch task organizer.
  2. Unlimited email storage : Mail.com provides unlimited space for storing emails. It also provides online storage facility where users can store up to 2GB worth of files.
  3. Online storage services : Mail.com offers its users unlimited storage for emails as well as 2 GB online file storage. In the following, we have listed replies to the most frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your question, you can also directly contact our Postmaster.
  4. Over 200 Domains : Mail.com provides for more than 200 domains for their email address. These include various themes such as geographical locations, professions, interests, and beliefs such as muslim.com, accountant.com, India.com etc.

Mail.com, however, does have the right to cancel any domain name at any time, even for the paid premium accounts.

Mail.com tech support

Mail.com is one of the best portals for users to receive emails, news, store their files, organize their schedule and much more. It provides for a number of domain names to customize your email address. However, users might also come across certain problems as is the case with every other product in the market. Mail.com tech support is always there to send it to provide support services for all its users at any time. However, there are certain questions that are frequently asked by users. Let us look at some of those frequently asked questions:

  1. Unable to sign in to your account : It could be because of several reasons. You might have been typing your email address or your password incorrectly. All email addresses and passwords are case sensitive, therefore be careful while typing in the details. The password will not be visible while typing, so have patience and be mindful of all the keys that you are pressing.
  2. Browser support : Mail.com supports all kinds of browsers. However, because of certain errors with the configurations, it might cause some errors to pop up. This could be because of certain configurations that might be auto-filling your details which might no longer be correct. To check out such a situation, here are some following steps for different browsers
    • Firefox: Select the menu button and choose options, from there, click security and choose the saved passwords option. A list your passwords that were saved would pop up. Find the password that was put for mail.com and check the details. Edit if necessary.
    • Chrome: First go to the menu and choose settings. At the very bottom, you will find the option for advanced settings. Click on it and find the passwords and forms section. Choose manage passwords option from where you will find a list of saved passwords. Find the password that is filed for mail.com and check the details.
    • Safari: here, just click on safari and go to preferences. Select the password section and a list of passwords will show up. Select the mail.com password and then change accordingly.
    • Thunderbird: In order to view the password, go to the options section and press Alt and T keys at the same time. Then choose options. In the options section, go to the security tab and click Passwords. Select saved passwords option and a list will appear. Select the mail.com password option and change accordingly.

If you have lost your password, then you can go ahead and change it from their website or go here.

Also, make sure that your browsers are all up to date. Incompatible versions of the web browsers may also make it difficult for mail.com to function properly.

Mail.com premium support

For all the premium users of Mail.com, phone support is also available. Therefore, if a premium user needs to directly get in touch with a mail.com personnel, then they can do so by contacting through Mail.com Customer Support Phone Number.

Mail.com is dedicated towards providing the best customer service for its users. Although all the necessary steps are taken so as to prevent any errors from popping up, just like every other software, there are certain chances that you might face some trouble. In such a case, do not hesitate in contacting the customer support either through their customer support channels or if you are a premium user, then through their customer support phone number. The mail.com tech support team is available 24*7 for its services. Our team of technical experts will ensure that your problems are worked out in the most efficient and the quickest way possible.

Customer satisfaction

No problem is too big or too small for us to deny support for our users. Customer support is ever present to hell its users at every stage of their problems. Even if it is for clarification or query of our services, feel free to contact the support team whenever you feel the need to. We will be only too happy to assist you and help you solve your problems as soon as possible.

Mail.com is one email services that strive to serve all the people of the world and to help them receive free email services. Hence, if you are looking for a free email service with unlimited storage with a dedicated support team that is always ready to help with any problem, then create your mail.com account today.