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Before we begin talking about iCloud support, let’s understand what exactly iCloud is. This software is designed for iOS operating system. It stores all your data at one place and makes it available to all your other devices. For example: if you have a computer, iPhone and an iPad, a change made on your iPad automatically updates your phone and Mac. Its online version also offers applications like calendar, Mail and reminders which you can access from any web browser. iCloud is being used by a lot of people these days, thanks to the easy availability of IPhone, iPad, Mac and other apple devices. It gives you free storage space of 5GB and has a monthly charge if you wish to buy more storage space. If you wish to use iCloud and do not have an Apple product you can still sign up for it through the web browser.

There are minimum system requirements though which you will need to check beforehand. Using iCloud is no rocket science. It is a simple cloud computing service which has enabled us to access and update data on the go. Thanks to this technology, we don’t need to wait to go home and change something if we remember it in the morning. If done n the phone the change will automatically reflect on the computer as well. Another important feature of iCloud is that it integrates everything together. If I have received a iMessage on my phone, and I am using my desktop which too is an Apple Product, chances are that I don’t need to reach out to my phone to read my iMessage. I can do it from my computer as well.

iCloud help you store all kinds of data like photos, apps, mails, calendars, contacts etc. but if you are new to it, you might require some help figuring out what comes from where. In comes iCloud support. ICloud help desk can be contacted 24*7 through email or calling them at iCloud Customer Care number.

Some of the common issues that you might face with iCloud are listed below. If you don’t find your query answered, you can always contact iCloud customer service.

  1. The first and foremost issue that comes up is that one forgets their APPLE ID. Your APPLE ID is most important to use iCloud. Without this id you are as good as locked out of the system. If you have an iPhone and forget your apple id, you won’t be able to upgrade anything, download anything or most importantly purchase anything. Your APPLE ID is the key to enter iCloud world. If you have forgotten it, you can contact iCloud Customer Support through email or phone. They will send you an activation link on you registered email address from where you can activate new password. You can also schedule a call from APPLE support who will call you at a time that’s convenient for you and help you either recover your old password or set a new one. You can also call them and do it on your own.
  2. You might not be able to access iCloud according to your liking. It depends on how you created your iCloud id. If you didn’t furnish all details or put in incomplete details or your APPLE id just might not work. Try using an Apple device. If you can access iTunes store, Game centre, App Store and other such Apple applications, your Apple id is fine. All you need is to remember your password and login. If you still can’t login, please contact Customer Support as they will guide you accordingly.
  3. If your computer is used by more than one person and there are separate user profiles, you might face authentication issues. If you use your desktop with administrator details and have logged in through standard user, you might face authentication issues. Try logging in from your administrator account or pass on certain rights to the user account in order to be able to use it smoothly.
  4. You might face issues while signing in from another web browser. It says incorrect email address or password mismatch and the like. If you use the same Apple ID for both iCloud and your other apps, make sure you enter the entire ID when trying to login. If you use separate APPLE IDs for Apple Apps and iCloud mail, you may be seeing this error because of incorrect email address. Input the correct ID details and it should be resolved. Remember that changing password at one place for your Apple ID changes it everywhere else as well. If you still can’t log in, you might need to reset your Apple ID.
  5. At times when information entered is incomplete or old, you might need to enter them when you next log in through your Apple ID.
  6. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Mac or any other devices, please ensure that your device’s software is updated. In some older versions, you might not see the option of iCloud at all. It requires an operating software of 5 and above to work. If your device can’t be updated, call iCloud help desk in order to get the correct solution in this regard.
  7. If you have exceeded your storage space you will get a prompt in this regard. You can either buy additional space at a reasonable monthly charge or clear out space by deleting some data.
  8. If you are facing technical issues like unable to access iCloud completely or an unknown error you can try calling in on the iCloud Technical Support. This will also work if you have lost data and you want to recover it. Technical data support ensures that your experience of iCloud is smooth and hassle-free.

Above mentioned are a few of the many things that iCloud helpline number can help you with. The executives are all of sound knowledge of their subject matter ensuring quick and timely support. Nobody wants to wait for a long time when getting their queries resolved. Sometimes answers are required urgently and calling the helpdesk resolves the issue of waiting for a long time.