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Hushmail is an email service provider who provides PGP encryption based email services. Hushmail can be used to send encrypted messages which can be read and received from both the directions by people who are Hushmail users or have PGP keys. If not, then they can access the messages with the help of a password. Hushmail provides various ways of sending encrypted messages to other users and protect their sensitive information. It provides email services with a clean inbox with no spam and no advertising.

There are various different types of services that are offered by HushMail

Individual users can avail their premium services with Hushmail Premium that provides 10 GB of storage, POP3 Service, and IMAP. Users can avail a two-week free trial of this package to test out their services. Their email services are protected by layers of security and all the emails are encrypted with SSL/TLS secure connection. None of the users' data are shared with other advertisers and the users enjoy a complete Ad-Free experience.

Everything being said, it is important to understand the kind of support that is available at Hushmail before switching accounts. A few of the common issues are addressed here making it easier for you to make up your mind about GMX.

There are various different types of services that are offered by HushMail

For business companies, there are other options available. They have all other features of an individual account plus more such as vanity domain, email forwarding, catch-all email and user admin features. They also provide for more security features such as VPN services, hiding IP addresses in email headers by providing alternate email addresses with different IP, HIPAA compliant encryption technology, and two-step verification processes. There are other services offered by Hushmail as well such as services for healthcare and the legal industry. They also offered instant messaging services called Hush messenger but that came to an end in 2011.

Hushmail not only supports services on Windows and Mac based computers but also supports Android and iOS services.

Hushmail support

Hushmail support has over 20 years of experience when it comes to providing services to its customers. After replying to over 28000 customers, there are a few questions that always repeatedly asked the users. Here are some of them.

Hushmail sign-in problems

You might suddenly find yourself that you are unable to log-in to your account. If that is so, then it could be happening due to few things such as

  1. Typing of the wrong email address: You might be making some mistake while typing your email address. The letters are case sensitive and hence, you have to be careful while writing typing your information. Double check all the spelling to make sure that you are typing the correct email address in the correct format.
  2. Typing the wrong password: Since you can't see the password while writing, there are higher chances of you making mistakes. Hence, be patient and take your time to make sure that you are typing the correct password. They are also case sensitive so make sure that you are typing them in the correct case. It could also be that you are typing the wrong domain name. A Hushmail can exist in @hushmail.com or @hush.com format. Therefore, writing the correct domain name is also important.

Losing your Hushmail Password

Hushmail takes severe precautions in making sure that your details and information are not compromised. Therefore, Hushmail does not offer any password recovery service unless the user has already subscribed to the Hushmail’s password recovery feature. This is because it can be very easy for hackers to trick the verification system that is used to recover your details. Hushmail support can, however, transfer your subscription to a new account, but without the subscription to the Hushmail Password Recovery Service, your password cannot be recovered.

The subscription must also be done before losing the password when signing up for the subscription. Trying to avail the password recovery service after the password is lost would not help with its recovery.

Disabled Hushmail account

You might find that your Hushmail has been disabled. This can be due to a multitude of reasons namely:

  1. Lack of activity in a legacy-free account: Not being active for a while in a legacy-free account for three weeks can lead to the account being disabled. It can, however, be reactivated by subscribing to Hushmail premium. If you upgrade within one year of the account is disabled, then you will be able to recover all the contacts and details from the older account.
  2. Creating accounts in bulk: making a number of free accounts can also result in all of them being disabled. This is done by tracking your IP address. For availing services for multiple accounts, users would have to avail Hushmail Business services.
  3. Sending a number of emails at the same time/ spam: If you send a number of emails at the same time, then there are high chances that it would be treated as spam. Hence, would result in a permanent ban. There are various different ways of sending multiple emails such as MailChimp, Aweber mailing list.
  4. Violation of Terms of Service: Please read through our terms of services. If it is found that a user has violated any of the rules, then his/her account will be permanently deactivated. However, it can be re-activated if the user contacts the Hushmail Customer Support for being banned by mistake.
  5. Email not being received: before receiving emails on your Hushmail domain, there are few settings that are needed to be configured. Your Mail exchange records should point out to your servers which record the route through which all your emails are received. This system tells the servers about the location of your incoming email and hence, without it, the servers would not be able to find them. There are no complications to this and no other extra steps are needed to be taken such as changing the settings, transferring your web hosting etc to rectify the mistake.

This is required when you are using Business accounts where you have to type your domain name. If you are using your Hushmail business subdomain, then this is not a requirement.

These are some of the problems that you might face when using Hushmail. However, if you face other more severe problems, then contact Hushmail Customer Support immediately.