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An Informative Guide on HughesNet Webmail Service

Communication is the primary need of humans and the need to reach out or to communicate has increased more than ever before in this digital age we live. The principal means of communication today has been the emails. Email services are all around us today and with increasing email service providers the overall quality of communication is increasing. Fast and efficient communication is possible today with premium email services.

Several email service providers are offering the best-in-class communication services to us and among them, Hughesnet webmail service serves as one of the best platforms for the users to communicate via mail. However, even before we use Hughesnet webmail service there are numerous things we need to know about to make things smooth while working on the same. Here’s a list of things you need to know to make the fullest use of the Hughesnet Webmail Service.

Creating your Hughesnet email account

If you want to create a new Hughesnet email account, firstly you need to go to the website of Hughesnet: myHughesNet.com. Then, sign in or register on the same. Next, you need to click on the option ‘My Account’ and then ‘Profile’ on the second menu.

Once you see the ‘HughesNet Login(s)’ box, under the box you would find ‘Add email account’ where you need to click on. Then, you need to complete your full information along with your desired email address and finally, click ‘ok’.

How can you view your mails?

You can easily access your mail and in fact, you are just one click away from accessing your mail going to myHughesNet.com and signing in with your own credentials that will take you to your desired account. Mails from Hughesnet are also accessible via your mobile device or computer.

How can you add other email addresses in your Hughesnet Email Service?

Once you land in your HughesNet email, you need to just click on the tab saying ‘Preferences’ on the top tab. Then you should click on the option ‘Accounts’ which is on the left menu.

Now you need to click on the option ‘Add External Account’. Here you have to simply enter your email information from your other account. This information will include the email address and your password. Next, click ‘IMAP’ on the radio button. You will find the Download Messages area. Here if you want you can also choose to receive your email in one inbox folder or separate folders.

After you are done with all the previous steps you have to click ‘Add external account’ again. Here you will be able to see the information in your list of email accounts.

Manage or delete your HughesNet email account(s)

Like any other email service provider, you also use Hughesnet and delete their email without any hassles. Managing email address isn’t much of a deal with Hughesnet email addresses. This you can do by visiting ‘My Account’ that comes under your account by signing in on myHughesNet.com. If you would like to update your password, reset your information or change your security questions, you can do so by clicking on ‘Manage’ next to the email address you want to modify. To delete an email address, click ‘Delete’ next to the email you wish to delete. You will need to validate your account by typing in your password before continuing.

Can you keep your Hughesnet email address?

We all love our Hughesnet email. Moreover, whatever an email address it is, it happens to be personal and quite important to an individual. However, if you wonder whether you can keep your Hughesnet email address even after you discontinue, then you need to know that you cannot do that. This is because the email service that Hughesnet provides is an add-on service of Hughesnet internet connection. Therefore, if you want to discontinue

How can you access your Hughesnet email address from your smart device?

Besides accessing our emails from our laptops and desktop computers we love to access our emails through our mobile devices. Thus, if an email service is not available on-the-go via our mobile phones then it isn’t of much use to us. However, with Hughesnet, you need not worry about the same because you can easily open and manage your emails right from your mobile devices.

There are two ways in which you can access your Hughesnet email address with your smartphones. Here is the easiest way:

Through myHughesNet.com

You can easily access your email account by visiting myHughesnet.com. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • To access your Hughesnet email account you first need to navigate to myHughesNet.com. Here you will find ‘My Email’ in the top right of your screen which you need to click.
  • Here, you have to sign in with your HughesNet User ID and Password.
  • You will land in your email inbox now.