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GMX is a free email service which supports advertisement. It is available in four languages; English, German, French and Spanish. It can be accessed through webmail as well as POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Global Mail eXchange (Global Message eXchange in Germany) came into existence in 1997. It is a subsidiary of United Internet AG, a stock-listed company in Germany and a sister company to 1&1 Internet and Fasthosts Internet. In addition to an email address each GMX account includes a Mail collector, Calender, address book, file storage and organizer. Every user can register for up to 10 accounts individually. Be it a pro user or a free user, they are always greeted with pop up advertisements at login. Right now, there are way too many email service providers, but GMX is the only one which supports advertisement so much. The current user statistics stand at 1 million people.

Today when security is epitome, GMX is amongst the very few email providers who do not give 2 factor authentications to its users which is a form of multi factor authentication for their email accounts. This implies that if one can obtain a users’ email address and password, anyone can access the emails. While on one hand we have companies which are providing us with high end encryption for or emails, on the other we have GMX which not only refuses to give 2 factor authentications but also supports pop up ads. However, it does let you add up to 10 email addresses which include yahoo, Gmail etc making one point to access all your mails.

Everything being said, it is important to understand the kind of support that is available at GMX before switching accounts. A few of the common issues are addressed here making it easier for you to make up your mind about GMX.

  1. The first thing that you might want to know is which browsers support GMX. Well to begin with almost all browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox are supported but in its updated versions. Any other browser might face compatibility issues with GMX.
  2. If you have forgotten your email address’ password, it’s all right. You can easily recover it by using a simple step. You need to put in your email address and they will send a link to your secondary email address, the one you mentioned when you signed up. You can click the link and reset your password from there.
  3. GMX File Storage is available for you to store Pictures and other data online. If you are unable to access it, please make sure that you are using the current version of web browser. It requires only your ID and password of GMX to log in and then you can view your files or photos at leisure. There are various features available for storing your photos. You can sort them into folders, add details to your pictures, make a slideshow and above all view properties of any file. More often than not, when we store pictures online we want to be able to share them instantly with our near and dear ones. Having them stored online gives us the luxury of not having to travel with our laptops. We can access and send pictures from anywhere around the globe with its web browser access.
  4. Using GMX as Network Volume is an added feature that the Customer Support executive can help you out with. If you are having issues with setting up your File Storage as network on your computer. This gives you direct access to the file storage. Any changes made here will directly reflect on your File Storage online. You can add or delete from here directly.
  5. If there are issues with your Organizer such as adding appointments or such you can contact the GMX Help desk which will guide you accordingly. The most common errors that you can face are that your appointments are not showing properly or that you are unable to add new appointments. These are minor things which can be resolved in a few minutes.
  6. While adding contacts is an easy task, it can have certain issues when adding a group of contacts together. You can organize your contacts better by adding them into separate groups which help in sending mails together easily. If you are unable to view your contacts or if details are missing you can edit them yourself. If despite editing they are not showing properly, you can always contact the Customer Care for more information on how to edit and maintain your contacts.
  7. Major issues that crop up with security of any email system are the kind of files that one receives. It s very easy to compromise security of your computer if you receive a lot of mails from unknown sources. Please ensure that you have an Active Antivirus installed in your computer which can scan your email before you download anything. A virus can attack your system from anywhere. If you have trouble with locating the source files on emails, feel free to contact the helpline number. They will guide you on steps to follow for precaution before downloading any file.

While the customer care can help resolve most of your issues, it is always advisable to troubleshoot first by yourself. Many issues can be resolved by just ensuring the correct version of browsers, or regular password updation and above all by logging out every time from your computer. Despite the fact that your computer is used only by you, a logged in standby account is equivalent to inviting trouble. Your mails can be easily accessed, your computer is at risk and so is your privacy. If you keep logging out, it is generally secure as it will require a password which will help keep unauthorized entries at bay. While all this are general security measures and ways to solve the most common problems that you can face while using GMX, if your queries are not addressed here, you can always contact GMX Technical Support or GMX Customer Support for help.