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EarthLink web mail service

In this era of nuclear family when large joint families are breaking up in pieces our only way of communication to our family is through phones, video calls or text. This is the prime way to communicate with all the people we know around. As we have constantly evolved through time we are also successful in updating everything around us. From the start of time we have constantly discovered new ways out to make our life more comfortable and easier to live. Just like that our means of communication with others has also developed tremendously with time before the only way to communicate with someone is through sending hand written mails which would take several days to reach its destination. But now by the grace of web service this is not an issue anymore. Now we can send a message in seconds to anyone, it doesn’t matter how far the person in the other end is staying. Internet saves both money and time of the user.

Origin of Earthlink

Earthlink is one of the oldest web service companies with a million of users. It is cofounded by Sky Dayton and Reed Slatkin in the year 1994, Dayton was just 23 years old in that time was convinced that he could start-up a dial up internet service provider (ISP) in Pasadena. He tried to reach internet through his own computer at first and soon he was convinced there was market for it. In 2016 this company promoted two separate group of service that is business solutions and residential solutions.

Services provided by Earthlink

Earthlink provide a multiple kind of services to millions of user the business solutions sell IT, communication, cloud computing, collocation, IT security, support services etc. In the other hand residential solution sells broadband, dial up internet and relatable services. They also sell antivirus and spam blockers, premium email, and internetaccess and privacy security products. Earthlink is also compatible with devices like the Mac, pc and android.

How to get your own email in Earthlink

Earthlinks also a web mail service provider. If the user is a first timer creating an email in Earthlink there is certain step one should follow.

  • First we have to setup an account in the Earthlink with our authentic information’s to certify the account.
  • Once the account could be identified as our personal account after entering our authentic name, age and phone number.
  • In the next page we have to create our email id and a new secure password which should be more than 6 characters and finally click sign in.
  • After signing in we can enter in our own email account.
  • In case we cannot setup our email account in automatic mode we can always set it up in manual mode.

How to change password of our Earthlink account

Changing our password is always important to save our account from any kind of virus attack or malfunctioning. If we have multiple email ids it is always best to maintain different password for each email account this reduces the risk of any kind of viral attack. Other than that there are steps to follow in case we change our password.

  • The thing we have to open our account page there will be a change password option.
  • Next a page will appear asking for the current password then the new password and current password option.
  • There will be instructions asking that the password will be more than 8 characters and the password must contain any three of this option that is upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers and permitted special character.
  • After following this rules mentioned above the percentage of the password strength will be showed based on which we can fix the new password and then retype it for the confirmation.
  • When this whole procedure is done we can click to the change password.

In case we forgot the password we have to give a valid contact number or another email. Where a new OTP will be send to verify our information and authenticating our identity. Once we enter the right OTP we can change it to new password which have to be more than 8 characters and uncommon if we follow this rules there will be no problem if we forget our password.

Other than this we can face several other problems in our email account like not receiving all of our emails, or having difficulties in signing up or any kind of malfunction. We can always contact the helpline number or the customer service. The stuff who handles the customer service is all highly qualified and work around the clock to ensure service for all of their customers in need. How small or big the problem is we can always contact the customer service for help.