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Cox is the leading internet, networking and TV service provider for both home and office. It offers high quality internet and networking solutions for the small and medium scale business enterprises. Having good as well as trusted internet connection is essential these days. It is always recommended to use services from this service as it ensures cutting edge and highly satisfactory solutions. Users may stumble upon various technical errors or issues with this internet or networking service provider. When you face technical issues, you can call our cox customer support.

We are a trusted organization, working as third party cox customer service. We have a team of employees who are enthusiastic and dedicated to provide technical suggestions or consultation services regarding products and services from Cox. This service provider is known for offering high quality and effective products as well as services. But, at the same time, users have certain complaints regarding the products and services.

These complaints are nothing but technical errors that they often face with these products or services. To help them with troubleshooting these errors, we are always ready to extend our cox technical support.

Common Technical Errors and Their Solutions

Commonly, people encounter different kinds of errors with Cox products as well as services. At our cox customer care, we try to listen to these errors from the users. As per the errors, we try to bring out appropriate solutions. We have a team of experts who are poised with immense technical knowledge as well as expertise to offer the best guidance to those who are facing technical issues. Not just technical issues, people call us for attaining support for performing certain steps. For example, you can call us to get support for configuring your internet modem and internet setup. You can call us for customizing TV setup.

Irrespective of errors that you face, you can always pick up phone and call us for support. Dial our cox phone number anytime as you feel convenient. We are always dedicated and committed to extend the best support to callers.

Problems with Internet Connection

When you do not get internet connection perfectly, you need to check for possible reasons for errors. There could be many reasons. It could be a problem with modem or Ethernet connection. It could be some other problems. You just have to pick up our Cox Helpline Number for the best guidance. Here are some possible solutions for fixing internet connection problems.

Solution #1: Unplugging and the Plugging the Modem Again

  • You should close internet browser tool, if it is open.
  • Now, simply unplug power cord of your modem.
  • Now, simply plug in this cord after waiting for a few seconds.
  • Modem shall initialize and connection shall be established soon.
  • Now, open web browser and go to Google.com.
  • Congrats if everything looks fine, as you have successfully resolved the error.

Solution #2: Restart All Internet Connections

  • At first, you should turn off computer which is connected to internet.
  • Now, unplug power cord of modem.
  • Now, simply plug in this cord after waiting for a few seconds.
  • If router is connected with your computer, you should unplug it too.
  • Check all the cables and fix the loose ones, if any.
  • Plug back modem and router.
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Now, launch your web browser and go to Google.com.

Setting up Cox Internet Connection for Windows

  • Click “Start” button and then go to “Control Panel”. Here, you would be able to find “Network status and tasks”.
  • At the left pane of your window, you should click on “change adapter settings”.
  • Now, right-click on “Local Area Connection” and then click on “Properties”.
  • Select option that says “internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.
  • Under this tab, change settings to automatic for obtaining IP address and DNS server address.
  • Under “Alternate Configuration” tab, you should put checkmark on “Automatic private IP address”.
  • Now, come back to “General” tab settings and choose “Advanced”.
  • Under IP settings, enable DHCP.
  • Thereafter click on “Properties” and go to “General” tab.
  • Under DNS tab, make sure that option that says “Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes” has been selected.
  • Under WINS tab, make sure that WINS address box is empty.

For novice users, it is always good to obtain guidance over phone from experts who have seamless communicating skills. For that purpose, we always welcome you to call us at our cox contact number. We are available for your assistance.

You can call our Cox Support Number anytime as per your requirements. We are a team of veteran individuals, having exceptional skills and technical insight to deal with various kinds of errors with Cox internet service.

How to Configure Cox Remote to TV?

The process of configuring cox remote with TV is simple as well as seamless. You just have to follow a few simple steps. You can call our cox helpdesk number for knowing as well as understanding those steps. You can also follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • At first, you need to press mode key for selecting the device type that you want to setup.
  • Now, press and hold “MUTE” button. Alongside, you should also press and hold “Select” key until mode key starts blinking.
  • Enter your code now, using number pad of remote controller.
  • Now, you just have to test remote controller in order to be assured about its performance.

It should work perfectly. If not, you can always contact us for help or support. We are ready to assist you with genuine technical suggestions and troubleshooting advices. Our professional experts are poised with knowledge and experience to deal with errors with different Cox services, including Cox business and home TV services.

To learn more, you are requested to call out cox support service. We are a team of professional individuals who are ready to deal with various errors or troubles that users generally face with Cox services.