Unable to send emails by roadrunner account

Roadrunner email service has been preferred by a lot of people in today’s time. This is a professional email service that comes with many interesting and advanced features. If you want to make your email experience seamless and enjoyable, you can use Roadrunner. However, it does not guarantee that you would not face any technical glitches. Basically, these technical issues happen due to many reasons. At times, you may face problem in accessing your email account. You may find problem in sending emails from your Roadrunner email account. Email sending error happens due to many reasons. The reasons will be analyzed in the following section.

Check the Internet Connection

If you cannot send emails from your Roadrunner email service account, you need to check the internet connection of your computer. You need to keep the following possibilities in mind.

  • Check the internet connection of your computer. Click on the internet connection wizard, and make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  • Check the status of your modem. It should be turned on. All lights of the modem should glow. If there is a light blinking, it shows error. You need to turn off and then turn the modem on again.
  • Check the firewall settings of your desktop. Make sure that the firewall is turned off. If not, you shall find error in internet connection. As a result, email sending error with Roadrunner will happen.

If these things do not resolve the error with your Roadrunner email service, you need to call the internet service provider to resolve internet connection problem.

Check the Recipient’s Email

If you do not enter the recipient of the email properly, you shall face technical error. You have to check the email account of the recipient. Make sure that you enter recipient email address properly. If you do not enter the email address correctly, the email would not reach to the receiver. Hence, email sending error will happen. You shall either receive an error message or you shall find that the email has reached to a wrong person.

Check Email Attachment

You need to check the attachment of your email. If you have attached a large file, email sending error will happen. There are two possibilities. These possibilities are explained in the following section.

  • With Roadrunner email service, you can attach files up to 30 MB. If your file is larger than that, you shall find attachment error. As a result, email sending error shall occur.
  • Roadrunner email sending error will happen if you attach files that are not allowed. For example, attaching .exe files is not allowed. Hence, you shall find error in sending the emails.

Keeping these things in mind will help you to resolve the problem with Roadrunner email sending. This problem happens frequently for many users. Hence, you may need guidance of the technical support experts for resolving the issue. Call the Roadrunner Customer Support Number of Roadrunner email service to deal with such technical errors. Trained and professional support staffs will provide satisfactory services.

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