Recover Roadrunner Email Hacked Account

Email service is indispensable in our daily life as they control a number of aspect of online communication. Today emails are designed such that all kinds of services that you seek online have to be linked through your email account. Hence, choosing a good email service provider is very important. Among the most popular professional email service provider, roadrunner is a notable name. The roadrunner email service have been around for a long time and derives its trendy name from the roadrunner video game that was very popular couple of decades back. The feature packed and yet simple email service is known among professionals because it makes all kinds of communication very simple and also supported by an excellent customer care team.

While the security of the roadrunner email accounts are high, one still must be careful about the hacking troubles. In case your email account is hacked, you must immediately communicate with the service provider for solutions.

Here are a few ways to understand whether your account is hacked and the precautions that you can take-

  • At times, despite of entering the right password, the user is unable to login to the email account. This is a major indicator of the email account being hacked. In such situation, you must quickly contact the roadrunner customer service number and the experts will verify your identity and then provide you an alternate login while blocking attempts made from a different IP address.
  • Enable two step verification which is available with all email service providers including roadrunner today. This will help you stay connected and notified about the email account and any suspicious activity will the notified immediately. Moreover, without your mobile number, entering the email account will become virtually impossible.
  • Periodically change the password of your email account from time to time. By doing so you make your password less predictable. This is a very basic way to protect your email account from hacking but it is definitely effective.
  • Do not connect your professional email account with e-commerce sites and other third party accounts where monetary transactions are frequent. This makes the account vulnerable and hence and easy target for hackers. In case it is connected and the account has been hacked, block all the pre-saved cards to avoid any kind of financial loss. Report the problem to the email service providers at the earliest and the ethical hackers working for the company will make sure the trouble is quickly solved.
  • Have a strong antivirus installed in your devices and make sure it is never turned off so that such threats can be avoided.
  • Do not open suspicious emails from unknown sources which often carry a virus that makes your device vulnerable to the hackers.

By taking all these precautions and measures, you can make sure your email account is secure and the hacking trouble is solved. Do remember that the Roadrunner Customer Care Number is always available at your service and if you need any assistance they will be ready to help you.

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