Icloud Mail Is Unable to Send Emails

Different email services are there, and people try to find the most suitable and reliable email service. When it comes to choosing an email service, people look for two options. The first thing is the security for data. You need to find an email service that offer excellent data security. It is crucial to find an email service that ensures top-notch data security. The second thing is to find an email service that offers robust features. Managing emails can get easier with advanced features or options. For managing the emails, you need to have advanced features.

When it comes to iCloud email service, you shall get both these options perfectly. With iCloud email service, you can easily manage your emails. However, there could be some technical issues. Facing the technical errors with iCloud email is not unusual. You may face such issues at different occasions. Unable to send emails is such an error. Why does this error happen? How can you resolve the error? You can get the answers to these questions in the following section of this article.

Reasons for the Error

Why are you not able to send emails? What are the reasons behind the error? In the following section, the possible reasons for the errors will be discussed. We shall try to understand the reasons, along with the possible solutions.

1. Internet Connection Issues

You cannot send email, as you do not have internet connection. Internet connection error is the reason behind facing different problems with emails. Hence, you need to keep this aspect in mind. Whenever you are facing internet connection error, you need to check the following things.

  • Check the firewall settings at first. If firewall is turned on, you need to turn it off. Turning off the firewall will help you to attain seamless internet connection.
  • When internet connection issue happens, you need to check the modem. If modem is not turned on, it is obvious that you shall face internet connection error.
  • Internet issue happens due to many other problems. It is better to call internet service provider, when you are unable to understand the reasons for internet connection error.

2. Internal Server Problem

When internal server error occurs, you would not be able to send emails. The issue happens for a small time span. It will get resolved automatically after sometime. Hence, you just need to wait for some time to deal with this error.

3. Attachment Error

When you have attached .Exe or similar files to the attachment, you shall get email sending error. This is another issue that has been faced by many email users. For iCloud email users, the same issue happens. Instead of .Exe files, you need to attach other files that come with supported format for your iCloud email account.

Apart from these common errors, there could be many other errors with iCloud email account. You need to diagnose those errors with perfection. Once error has been detected accurately, finding solution will become simple and convenient.

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