How to Setup Hughes.Net Email in Outlook 365

Huges.Net email is a service that allows us to manage and transfer the email to other people around us. Email is a very necessary software which we all require to complete our work and manage it. While working with email services, it is very necessary for users to select a genuine and effective email client software. Users can check on the Huges.Net email which is an effective and most used email client software which has millions of active users around the globe. Users are provided with the online storage facility also in the account where storage space of 10GB will be provided to all the users who create an account on Huges.Net email. If users want to learn more about the feature or also about the email service, then kindly reach out to Technical Support for more useful information.

After that brief introduction to email, now we will move into learning more about the service offered by the software. Huges.Net email comes in with the feature where the user will be able to retrieve their deleted emails from the account. Email is often accidentally deleted, and if the right ones are deleted that it could get us into loads of trouble. Looking at such a situation, Huges.Net has come up with a feature where users can easily restore the deleted email. To do so, users can head to their email account and check on the Bin folder. Select the email you want to retrieve from the folder and it will be saved to your Inbox. The deleted emails are stored for a limited amount of time, so the best thing for the user is to restore the email as soon as possible. If there is any question for Huges.Net email, then kindly reach out to Support Service.

Now that we have also checked on the features provided by the email client, now it is time to move into the section where we provide the details for making a certain change in the email client software. Since the email software is advanced in nature and also contains the latest feature, in the following section we will be checking on the process for setting up Huges.Net email in Outlook 365. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open Outlook mail and open Tools to select the Email account.
  • Then from the new window select Add a new email account.
  • In the new section, the user will have to manage the server type.
  • Make sure to change the settings according to POP3 and IMAP.
  • Click Next and the user will have to provide their email address and incoming/outgoing server.

Once the process will be completed, the user’s email will be set up to Outlook mail. If there are any other questions for Huges.Net email then don’t forget to give us a ring at Huges.Net Email Customer Support.

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