How to Reset Zoho Email Password?

Zoho email service is regarded as one of the major email services. If you are searching for a professional and reliable email service, Zoho could be the option for you. Using this email service is convenient for those who seek professional and reliable email solution. This email service comes with many features and options. Hence, users love to use the email service. Among various professional email services, Zoho is popular for offering advanced emailing features. If you are using Zoho email, you need to know a few technical things. For example, you should know the process to reset your password.

How can you change the Zoho email password? A step by step guide has been provided in the following section for the users.

Steps to Reset the Password

1. Go to the home page of Zoho email service. You shall find login option. Click on login and enter your login credentials.

2. Once you have logged into your account, you shall find your inbox. The screen that appears is not new for you.

3. At the right hand top corner of your screen, you shall find the settings option. Click on settings to go to the settings section of your email.

4. Once you reach settings, you shall find many tabs for many customization options for your email inbox.

5. Once you go to the settings page, you shall find many settings options. Go to the security and password tab for changing your password.

6. Find the password section and click on change password. To change password, you have to type your old password for security reasons. After typing the existing password, you need to enter the new password. Confirm your new password, and then click “save changes”.

So, this is how you change your Zoho Email Password. This process is suggested when you know the password and want to change it. Changing the password regularly is a good habit, as it enhances security for your account.

Reset Password When You Have Forgotten the Existing One

When you have forgotten the existing password, you can choose to reset the password to regain your account access. Forgetting password is not unusual, as people have to maintain multiple email accounts these days. Here are the steps to reset your password, when you have forgotten the password.

1. Go to the home page of Zoho email.

2. Click on “forgot your password” link.

3. You shall come to a page where you need to select the way of password recovery. Here are the options for you:

  • Answer security question and reset your password.
  • Enter OTP that you receive on your registered phone number.
  • Verify identity through primary email to change your password.

4. Choose any option and complete the process to reset the password.

5. Change your password and then go to the Zoho home page again. Enter your login credentials to login to your account.

Following these simple steps will help you to complete the process of changing your Zoho email account password. Make sure that you follow the step with perfection.

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