How to Reset Spectrum Email Username?

Spectrum email service is known for its advanced security and unique features. Spectrum is known for offering top-class solutions to the people for TV, internet and voice services. If you are searching for a robust email service, you can use Spectrum for its excellent ranges of features. At times, you may require changing the password of your Spectrum email account. We all know the steps to change the password. But, what should you do when you need to change the account username? Is it possible to change the username of your Spectrum email account? In the following section, you shall get the step by step answer.

Forgotten Username

Not just Spectrum email users, many people have the habit to forget the username and password. If you forget the username and password, you should know the process of recovering them. Forgetting username is a thing that can happen with anyone. There is no reason to panic when such thing occurs. You need to follow a few simple steps to recover your username. What are those steps? In the following section, you can find those steps.

Steps for Recovering Spectrum Username

For recovering your Spectrum email account, you need to follow the steps as discussed below. When you follow the steps with perfection, you get the best result.

  • Come to the email login page of Spectrum. At this page, you shall find option to login to your account by entering username and password.
  • Instead of entering username and password, you need to click on the option that says “Forgot username or password?”
  • As soon as you click on this option, you shall reach a page where you shall be asked to select options like “Get Username”, “Get Password”, etc. You can choose any option that you want.
  • Select “get username” option, if you have forgotten your username.
  • You have to enter Spectrum account number and your last name to recover the username. If you enter these things correctly, you shall be able to proceed to the next step.
  • At the next step, you need to enter Captcha code for verifying your identity. Entering this code correctly will help the computer to understand that you are a human, not a program.
  • When all the verifications are done, you shall get a text message in your primary email or phone number. The message carries a verification code. You should use the code to login to your account.
  • Entering the code will help you to change your username. You can pick a new username as per your need. Make sure that the username is unique.

So, these are the steps to recover your account access, when you lose your username and password. Forgetting the username is not a new thing. Hence, you should be careful in preserving the username. Make sure that you keep the username and password in a confidential place so that they do not get compromised. You can call the Spectrum Customer Support Number to obtain further assistance in this matter.

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