How to Reset Roadrunner Email Password

Roadrunner or spectrum email account is one of the wide known high speed internet service provided to a large number of users. The history of roadrunner goes way back to 1995, when the Time Warner cable launched it for the first time. It became most popular in the starting year as it took its name from the roadrunner game featured by Warner bros. cartoons which was very famous at that time. They thought of opening an email service with the same name which immediately got accepted and popular among the users. With time the brand name roadrunner email changed to Time Warner cable name, and in the year 2016 the Time Warner cable got rebranded by charter communication and named as spectrum internet.

As the user id is no longer named under roadrunner we have to directly make an account in the spectrum account first. By getting ourselves registered in the spectrum account we would be identified as the spectrum customers. After entering our valid name with a secure password we can login to our account anytime we want.

How to reset our roadrunner password if we forget it 

Now email id has become an important means of communication as much as a phone. We get thousand of formal and informal message through our email id. Not only have that, an email account connected us with social media and online apps by identifying our existence and information through it. Email id also playsan important part in our professional life any kind of formal message comes generally in our email id. The only problem we face while handling our account is forgetting our password. A password acts like a key to the door without a password we cannot login to our account here is some ways to reset our password.

  • We will have to sign in to our page first by typing the email. In the next step they will ask for the password with a hyperlink of forgotten password we have to click in the forgotten password option
  • In the next step we will be redirected to another page asking how we want to retrieve our password whether it’s through another alternative email, phone number, message present in the device.
  • A OTP or security code  will be send through message or email , we have to copy the code and write it in the respective dialogue box asking for the code
  • Once the code is confirmed by the account, there will be reset password option appearing on the page.
  • They will ask to set a password with more than six characters, we have to set an uncommon and long password or else it will not be accepted as the new password.
  • Once we are done resetting the password we have to confirm it as the new password to save it permanently.
  • Once the new password is saved,we can return to the initial page and enter the new password to open our account.

If we face any more technical issue while logging in, we can always seek the help of the Roadrunner Customer Support Number.

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