How to Reset Juno Webmail POP Settings for Apple Mail

If we are searching for the biggest network for getting the best internet for free mail service, then Juno Webmail is the one that comes at the top of the list. Juno is a service that is operated from New Jersey, US. It has been lots of years since Juno is providing its email service and users are pretty satisfied and happy with the service. With Juno email, users will be able to send up to 10MB of message data which can be sent from the webmail. If users choose to purchase the paid version for Juno then those users will be able to send up to 20MB of email data. This information may not be known to users, and learning such information is very necessary because there will be a situation where users can face issues such as not being able to send email from their account. To learn more about Juno Webmail kindly reach out to the Support Service Number.

With the general information for Juno’s email now we will move further into learning more about the Webmail service. One of the most important things which are required to access email service comfortably is the internet connection, if the connection is well established then the user can easily use the email service to send and receive emails on their device. The email service is also set for accessing the user’s inbox from your mobile device. And the device is not limited to just Android but, also can be accessed with other mobile devices. If we want to check another useful feature that has been provided by the email service is that users can have an online storage facility where user can save their emails and files. There will be a limitation on how much data can be stored, if users require more storage then an extra purchase must be made. To learn more about Juno Webmail kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

Email is sure a great way to communicate with people around us but there are also times when the email service doesn’t work as expected. There has been a situation in which the user wanted to learn how to reset Juno Webmail POP settings for Apple. The best process for such a case here could be the user setting up the POP settings back again. The process for doing so is mentioned in the points given below.

  • Load Apple Mail and click on Preference.
  • Click on Accounts and Add Account.
  • From Account Type choose POP.
  • Enter the user’s full email address and Full name on the box.
  • Set the incoming mail server to and the port should be set to 995.
  • Add the user’s password and set the Outgoing mail server to port no 465.

After completing the process user will be able to reset the POP setting for Mac mail. If there are other questions for Juno email kindly reach out to Juno Webmail Customer Care.

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