How to Reset EarthLink POP Settings for Apple Mail

One of the best services which can be experienced by users for communication is the EarthLink Webmail. It is basically a free service offered to the user which will allow them to connect with their friends and family. There is no such special condition to use the service where users can easily get started with the service. The system is easy to use and make changes and users can access the webmail in almost all browsers. If the user is not aware of the case where some of the web browsers will not support operating email service, then the user must check before using the email service. But with EarthLink webmail users will not have to verify because in almost all of the browsers the service is supported. To learn more about the email user can connect with EarthLink Customer Care.

Learning more about the software, EarthLink is basically webmail that can be operated through the web and can be accessed from any device which has enabled internet connection in it. If users check on the email service, they will eventually find that EarthLink comes with many interesting features and will also be notified that using the email has many cons to it. One of the biggest cons of the email client software is that the system will not provide any protection from spammers or viruses, the user will have to take care of themselves, it is suggested to the user to change their password for a regular period of time. By the following process, the user will be able to keep their account safe and secure. If there is any question related to EarthLink webmail kindly reach out to the Support Service Number.

After completing the following section, we will now move into the portion where we will learn how to reset EarthLink POP settings for Apple Mail. Due to the problem user were not able to access the email service on both platforms. We have prepared a list of steps by which users can easily reset the settings and will eventually solve the problem.

  • The user will have open the Apple Mail, once opened user will then have to click on Mail and head to add an account.
  • Then from the drop down menu user will have to click on the Other Mail account.
  • Then head to the accounts section and from there, the user will have to of the email client.
  • Fill out the login credentials on the empty spaces.

With the following steps, the user will be able to reset the EarthLink POP settings on the Mac mail. If the problem still continues or in any way user is not able to solve the resetting task then don’t worry, EarthLink comes in with EarthLink Email Technical Support where the user can connect to get assistance.

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