How to Fix the “Unable to Download Attachments” Error from Proton Mail?

In the past year, Proton Mail has become the go-to email provider for those looking to secure their emails and digital communication. In addition to its enviable security, it also offers a client that is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. However, many users have reported an error when attempting to download attachments from Proton Mail, “Unable to Download Attachments from ProtonMail “. This problem can be solved with a few quick steps:

  • Edit the settings on your Proton Mail account. Select ‘Settings’ from the button on the top of your screen.
  • Click ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom of your settings screen.
  • Choose ‘Advanced’ from the menu, and scroll down to find ‘Transfer Settings’.
  • Click edit to add a new setting. Name it ‘Download Attachments’, and change its value to True or False depending upon whether you want attachments to be downloaded automatically or not.

You can also choose which file types should be supported by default by this setting as well. Save the changes to your settings.  Contact Proton Mail customer support for any further queries. You should now be able to download attachments from Proton Mail.

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