Cox Account Not Sending an Emails

There are several different email service providers and it is elemental to choose the ones which have all the features necessary for your personal as well as business purpose. Email is one of the oldest mode of online communication and while many other methods have become obsolete, email still thrives. This is a major reason why more and more companies are focusing on providing email services which are feature packed and highly secured. One of the most popular and old email service provider is Cox. With a huge popularity all over America, Cox accounts are known for their functionality, simplicity and variety in features.

However, many times, the users complain about several technical troubles especially if they are new to the interface. When you understand the reason behind the trouble, you will be able to solve it quickly.

Reasons behind the trouble with inability to send mail

There are several reasons which can prevent you from sending mails using the cox account. They are:

  • The email id of the recipient is entered wrong.
  • The cox server is down and hence unable to process your request.
  • The internet connection is slow or disconnected.
  • Cox account is not secured and there has been suspicious activities on your account.

Different ways to solve the trouble:

  • In case the email account is disrupted due to virus and suspicious activities and services like sending and receiving mail have been suspended on your account, you need to get your credential verified for the normal activities to be restored.
  • Make sure that you double check the email id of the recipient. If you enter the wrong id, the mail cannot be sent and often it gets confusing as minor mistakes while entering the email id is very difficult to detect.
  • In rare occasions the Cox account server may be down and in such cases, make sure that you get in touch with the cox customer care phone number and the experts will be able to solve the trouble. Usually you need to spare some time to the email account in case there is a server trouble and it does not get fixed right away.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure it has enough speed. The cox mail account can be fairly bulky depending on the number of emails that you get daily and hence need a significant amount of internet speed to open. Also, make sure the internet is not disconnected while you are trying to send a mail.
  • Also make sure you are attempting to send mail to a valid ID and not “no reply” promotional IDs as in this case the mail will not be delivered either.

There are different ways in which Cox mail ID can become the best mode of communication especially for business purpose. However, you must make sure that your email account is running smoothly and this can be done by the experts at the Cox customer Care Phone Number who will solve all kinds of trouble for you.

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