Century Link Email Receiving Problem

In the present times, email has a major significance and almost every user of the internet services have email accounts. There are number of companies old and new that provide email services. One such option is the centurylink email service. It is one of the best and oldest email service that is available and you can make your business thrive when you are relying on the services of the centurylink account. Unlike other modes of communication, email is more formal and have a sophistication that make it the ideal choice for business purpose. However, it has its drawbacks like often the email may not get delivered or received and you do not get any notification regarding the same. These troubles are avoided when you are using the services of a reputable email service provider.

One of the major complaint that many users have is trouble with receiving email. This can be caused due to several reasons as listed under-

  • In case the internet connect is slow or disrupted you may have trouble while receiving emails. Make sure the internet connected is not disconnected and then refresh your email account. Another way to avoid the trouble is checking whether the internet connection is slow as this lead to slow loading of the interface and hence often the emails are not received.
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus and refresh the email account. The firewall can often pose a hindrance with receiving certain mails from addresses that are dimmed potential threats. However, if you are sure that the email you are waiting for poses no such trouble, you can disable the antivirus and try login into the account again.
  • There are is a limitation to the capacity of your mailbox and once it has reached that limitation, you may not be able to receive the mails. In such situation delete old and unnecessary emails and refresh the account. Also periodically clean the junk files, outbox, and spam folder and other categories which are not necessary but are taking your significant space.
  • Often the number of emails does not represent the capacity of the mail box. If you get emails with large attachments and are big in size, even less mails can lead to clutter and exceeding of the maximum capacity of the mailbox. Hence, the cleaning should be accordingly done. Make sure when you are cleaning the mailbox you take backup of the files in question so that important mails are not lost in the process.
  • Check whether your password and username are correct and updated. When you keep all your devices signed in and on “remember the password” mode and then change the password from one device without unsyncing the others, the trouble can arise. Make sure all devices are logged in using the updated password to avoid such glitches.

Email service is elemental for its simplicity and sophistication. Hence when you are having trouble with receiving the mail, it should be addresses at the earliest. The above mentioned are some of the problems and their solutions which you must keep in mind to manage your email account better.

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