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AOL mail users have a very high satisfaction rating, and that’s because of the high quality mailing service from the free web mail giant. Lots of features standard and high quality, good enough to lure business users, students, housewives, and the basic and pro users etc; all have been packed into the mailing system, thereby making the mail system to set great expectations and give impressive service throughout. That is why even the smallest problem realized by a user can make the person impatient and look for resources to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. And that is quite natural too. A mail service problem, which actually keeps you connected to the world, can always be of a serious impact on your business, work life, and even personal life. Hence when you believe, you are in a problem because of the mailing problem, you simply need to find help with the AOL mail technical support system.

Unlimited Email storage

You should never encounter any problem with the email storage system because AOL offers unlimited email storage. You can practically go on without ever deleting any emails, and this can create a huge pool of mail to keep filed, tagged, and find out whenever you wish. Gone are the days when you had to count the email storage capacity. With AOL mail you can go boundless. However small technical problems may show up sometimes, and then you may have to look for some technical support. Then you can always get phone, chat, and email support from the technical people, and get sorted.

Problem with attaching files

Many new users initially may not realize that they have a 25 MB limit for attaching files, and many pro users may encounter other email attachment related issues. If you face any such thing, then you can get instant help from the AOL support system. The toll free number, chat support line, and definitely the email support, all works great for resolving issues, and you may use any as per the urgency of the situation.

Mail protocols supported

Three mail protocols are supported by the free webmail system, and they are SMTP, IMAP and POP3. You can use any mail server as per your need. While configuring a mail server, you may need help, and that is why there is the AOL mail technical support helpline for you. Any problem or confusion can get clear as soon as you contact them.

Linking other emails

You can link your hotmail or Gmail accounts to the AOL account, so that all mails get into one inbox, and surfing, reading, and keeping track of mails gets a lot easier. To make this happen, you need to link them and this needs the simple understanding of the process. This is where a basic user may face some hiccups due to ignorance of the process etc. It’s the tech support team of AOL, which comes in help such confusions, and you can always get the apt help immediately on making contact with the team through the chat line or the phone line.

Controlling Spam

If you are new to AOL free webmail, then you may take a little time to understand how to control spam, retrieve any useful mail from spam, mark a mail or source as spam, or unmark. And for this and other spam control related tech support, you can always avail the AOL support team. The tech support team is handy for help, free for using, and the toll free helpline number always gets some expert to attend to your call.

Virus protection problem

Sometimes you may see that the virus protection is not working when you are downloading attachments from your AOL mail. Whether this is technical mail server problem, or some problem with your computer or with the internet connection etc, it needs to be detected to solve the problem. To stay safe, and use the mail service safely, you can always avail technical support to download attachments in case the virus protection is not working or working erratically.

Finally Whether you encounter problem with the spell check system, with the settings and any other thing, you always can get help from the AOL technical support helpline number which is a toll free phone number.