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Email Customer Support

Email is one of the most popular media of communication for the netizens both for formal and informal purposes. But you may have experienced while using your email account, a lot of issues which sometimes, you may not find ways to resolve. The problems you generally face are usually very common and they are not very difficult to fix. But some issues are of course there which you need the help of the expertise to get the solution.

If you are not able to send or receive a mail

It is one of the most frequently occurred problems as you find that you are not getting any mail as well as not able to send a mail even. To find a solution to the issue, first, you need to make sure that your device is properly connected to the internet. You areto try to access to any web page to ensure if your internet is properly working. If it fails to access to any web pages, then the problem is definitely with your internet connection.

You will have no other options but to unplug your router and restart your computer in order to restore the internet connection. But if it fails to reconnect you must contact your internet service provider (ISP) and learn the exact reason of your disconnection.

But in case you can access to internet connection, you are now to find your email program and to check your email settings. You need to go to File, followed by Account Settings. Click on your email address. It will bring up the necessary settings for your account.

You will have Username where you are to put your full Email address. It will be followed by Password option and you are to mention the exact password which you opted while creating your email account.

Now if you are sure that your settings are quiet ok, you are to ensure now that, for the outgoing server, the authentication is turned on. It will ensure your account not working if it is it unticked preventing the unauthorized users sending from your account.

But if you find that the matter is still not resolved, you want to delete the account and setting up again. If you are using an Apple device, be cautious that deleting the account will permanently delete all your mail from the inbox. Here you need to have an IMAP account in order to store all the mail on the server.

If you can receive but can’t send a mail

While you find that you cannot send a mail although you are receiving it, you need to have the following measures.

First, verify the outgoing port number going into the advanced settings of the mail account. Since the default outgoing number over the years was 25 and was heavily misused by the spammers, it is now blocked by most of the mail server.Therefore, you need to change it as well.

If the issue is not resolved, you need to open up the outgoing server settings. Authentication will be required for the advanced settings.

There are two initial options for you to resolve the matter. You can try by deleting mails which are stored on the server. You can also consider for buying more disk space.

For deleting mails from the server, login to your webmail account and delete all the unwanted mails. You need to program your computer in order to delete the mails from the server rather than from your device. You must also keep it in your mind that deleting mails from the server will never be retrieved in anyway.

But if you find no issue with your disk space and even you can’t send a mail. you need to address your incoming mail server settings.

While you disturbingly find some of your emails missing

Login to webmail to find if the missingmails are received from the sender. If the mails are received by the webmail but absent in your email program, then the issue lies with the email program.

And, if the mails are not received by the webmail, the problem may lie with the sender of the mail